First Covid-19 Publications Made in Moris!

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed a little feature on the front page of this website: Mauritius in Scientific Publications. This is where the most recent five publications on Pubmed is listed.

When I set it up a few weeks ago, I didn’t expect new items to appear that often. There has actually been a new paper a week or so. As I casually skimmed through front page this evening, my eyes nearly popped out at the term Covid-19!

So we have our first Covid-19 scientific publication on 10th July from Mauritius. Well done to Mamode Khan N, Soobhug AD, Heenaye-Mamode Khan M! The title is ‘Studying the trend of the novel coronavirus series in Mauritius and its implications‘. It is about statistical modelling of the Covid-19 outbreak in Mauritius.

However, on going searching through Pubmed, I came across a letter ‘Hyperpyrexia and metabolic alkalosis in a COVID‐19 patientfrom Dr DC. Nuckchady published on the 8th of July. Congratulations to our colleague too!

36838 publications have been made onnthe subject on Covid-19 so far with 2127 in the last week according to the website Covid-19 Primer. Maybe, we should join in too!

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