Friday 4th September Webinars

There are two interesting webinars today at around the same time!

Live ISN Webinar: Acute Hyperkalaemia

Fri, 4 September, 5pm – 6pm MUT

Hyperkalemia is a common electrolyte disorder. It is associated with underlying conditions predisposing to its development such as kidney disease and heart failure. Additionally certain medications, many of them commonly used, are associated with an increased risk of hyperkalemia.KDIGO convened a conference in 2018 to identify evidence and address controversies on potassium management in kidney disease. The present webinar summarizes clinical guidance for the evaluation and management of acute hyperkalemia.

  • Learning objectives
  • Definition of acute hyperkalemia
  • Symptoms and potential consequences of acute hyperkalemia
  • Diagnosis of acute hyperkalemia
  • Management of acute hyperkalemia 

Delhi Haematology Group Webinar: Pharmacological Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease

5.30-7pm MUT

Join us today in this truly global alliance against sickle cell disease. Lets hear from various stake holders how sicklers are up for a better and a pain free life. En How researchers are changing the landscape of sickle cell disease ensuring better and brighter future

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