Triple D Day today

Today is a very special day - triple D Day! First, Happy Divali to all of you with wishes of peace, happiness qnd health as light wins over darkness. Don't we all like the sweet Divali cakes. Sure enough, this year came a more 'healthy' Divali wish card. Today is also World Diabetes Day with… Continue reading Triple D Day today

KDIGO: Putting the K in Nephrology Nomenclature

This is the second post in series of nephrology nomenclature. Check the first one here. What is the KDIGO? The Kidney Disease: Improving Outcomes  is a wonderful example of American multilateralism. In 1950, the National Nephrosis Foundation was set up by the desperate attempts of the parents of a diseased child. Renamed The National Kidney Foundation… Continue reading KDIGO: Putting the K in Nephrology Nomenclature

Nonplussing nephrological nomenclature: nothing new

Any budding nephrologist here? Do you know what you are letting yourself in?  Most kidney diseases not have only a late and insidious onset but also have vague generalized symptoms shared with numerous other diseases (nausea, loss of appetite, fatigue, breathlessness and peripheral oedema for example). None of these permit the general public to localize… Continue reading Nonplussing nephrological nomenclature: nothing new