Recorded webinar: The ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ of Ureteric Obstruction Apologies for the recording missing out the first minute of the webinar. The missing slides can be consulted in the pdf presentation below. This recorded webinar comes all the way from UK from our compatriot and colleague Mr Rajan Veeratterapillay, Consultant Urological Surgeon on the surgical and medical management of different types of ureteric… Continue reading Recorded webinar: The ‘Ins’ and ‘Outs’ of Ureteric Obstruction

Giving Credence to the Bigger SGLT2i Story

In this talk, given on 29 July 2020 in Port Louis, Dr Davy Ip of the Renal Association presents his thoughts about diabetes, the kidney and the SGLT2 inhibitors through global and local perspectives. He looks back to where we came from, assesses how we are (not) doing now and wonders if there'll be a… Continue reading Giving Credence to the Bigger SGLT2i Story

The Filter, The Pump and The Pill

This is an abstract followed by the slides in pdf and video formats of the presentation made by Dr O Bheekharry for The Kidney Club on 16 July 2020. Diabetes mellitus (DM) affects around 25% of the Mauritian population and has important microvascular and macrovascular complications. Approximately 40% of DM type 2 patients have chronic… Continue reading The Filter, The Pump and The Pill