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You need 12 CPD points each year… except in a Covid-19 period*.

*Exemption from requirement to follow CPD courses for the current year (2020)

This is to bring to the attention of all registered General Practitioners and Specialists that section 39 E of the Covid- 19 (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill (No 1 of 2020) has been introduced to exempt a person to follow CPD courses during a CPD year for a certain number of hours or to accumulate a certain number of points for the purpose of continued registration or the right to practice his profession, on account of COVID 19 period be exempted from such requirement for the current CPD years.

Registrar’s office 18th May 2020

CPD regulations

Medical Council (Continuing Professional Development) Regulations 2016

Medical Council (Continuing Professional Development)(Amendment) Regulations 2017

Medical Council (Continuing Professional Development)(Amendment) Regulations 2019

Where to go for CPD?

There are a number of institutions that have a programme of CPD events. It may be your own hospital/clinic. Some are free, some charge a fee.

Medical Update Group offers free and very well attended evening sessions at 8pm usually on Wednesday but can be Thursday or Friday at the UOM in Réduit.

Mauritius Medical Society occasional evening sessions at the NPF building in Rose Hill.

Mauritius Institute of Health webpage for CPD

Wellkin Hospital last Wednesday of every month in the evening usually 7.30pm