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NephSIM is a mobile-friendly teaching tool website designed for anyone who wants to learn or teach nephrology! It can be used to learn or teach how to establish a differential diagnosis, understand pathophysiology, and review urinalysis, ultrasound, kidney pathology, vascular access, kidney transplantation, acid-base physiology, electrolyte disturbances, and more. 

NephJC is an online medical journal club. We utilize the nephrology (and related specialties) Twitter community to generate discussion and review current literature related to nephrology. It is open to anyone: we regularly have nephrologists, residents, fellows, cardiologists, internists, urologists, radiologists, pharmacologists, and patients contribute to the discussion.

The Renal Fellow Network (RFN) was established on April 23rd, 2008 by the late Nathan Hellman. RFN was created to provide a forum to discuss interesting nephrology cases, scientific papers, and other topics germane to nephrologists, particularly fellows. The goal is to present cutting edge nephrology-related research and challenging clinical topics in an easily digestible format.

The Glomerular Disease Study & Trial Consortium (GlomCon) aims to bring together clinicians, pathologists, researchers, and biotech innovators to create a scalable network of stakeholders interested in helping patients with glomerular kidney disease. Through this network of collaborations GlomCon aims to make the collective expertise of its members available for discussion of individual cases, provide infrastructure for biomarker studies, enable genomic research, and facilitate clinical trials.

A treasure trove of webinars here and here.

The Nephrology Social Media Collective (NSMC) is a collection of websites, initiatives, games, conferences, that represent nephrology’s social media present and future. Members of the NSMC generate some of the most compelling nephrology content in the world.

Founded in 2015, the goal of the (NSMC) internship is to cultivate leaders in medicine by instilling confidence, knowledge, competence, and professionalism in the use of social media.Interested? Click here and/or here.

The mission is to enhance medical education, writing, and editorial skills through the discussion and publication of electrolyte-based topics. The innovative vision was to have a group of nephrology fellows in training work on monthly blog posts based on electrolytes in coordination with the Renal Fellow Network.

Arkana Labs

#KidneyCon Lite: LIVE Pathology session with arkana Labs