MRU Presentations

This page provides a record of presentations on nephrology and related subjects in/for Mauritius. The Renal Association does not take credit for presentations prior to its establishment. These older presentations were either associated to local medical conferences or the Medical Update Group (MUG). The more recent ones are likely to be related to The Kidney Club activities of the Renal Association.

Presentations since the establishment of the Renal Association (Synopsis/ Slides/ Video)

Presentations prior to the establishment of the Renal Association (Slides only)

“Living Donor Kidney Transplantation. The Donor and the Recipient.” – Jonathon OLSBURGH – MUG 21 August 2019

“Hyperkalaemia, the silent killer: a review, management protocol and best practices.” – Dr O Bheekharry – SSRN Hospital CME Meeting October 2018

“Management of Urinary Stones” – Mr George FOWLIS – MUG – 27 September 2017

“Nephrology meets Oncology” – Dr Davy Ip – GMDOA Conference 13 August 2017

“Sugar, Obesity and the Kidneys” – Dr Davy Ip – AstraZeneca Diabetes Symposium – 29 April 2017

“Steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome” – Prof Rajendra BHIMMA – MUG 18 October 2013

“Keeping up with Chronic Kidney Disease” – Dr Davy IP – MUG – 25 June 2013

“Chronic Kidney Disease. A Review” – Dr Asit MEHTA – MUG – 04 May 2011

“Chronic Renal Failure” – Dr Abdool MOHUNGOO – MUG – 18th Apr 07 – No slides available