Review article-Prone position in ARDS patients: why, when, how and for whom

By now, we all hopefully have heard of the use of prone positioning in Covid-19 pneumonia. This technique has very rarely been used in Mauritian ICUs. Should we adopt it? This is a nice review article to make up your mind. The take home message is: Prone positioning has now assumed its rightful place in… Continue reading Review article-Prone position in ARDS patients: why, when, how and for whom

RSM Webinars: 3rd and 5th November 2020

End of life in intensive care: Current challenges Tue 3 Nov 2020 from 16:30 to 17:35 MUT Register here. Organised by Critical Care Medicine, Palliative Care. These End of life in intensive care webinars are designed to explore the concept of dying in a critical care environment. This webinar is a chance to reflect on the current… Continue reading RSM Webinars: 3rd and 5th November 2020

World Sepsis Congress Spotlight

Free and online today Wednesday 9 September 2020 from 12.30pm to 22pm MUT. This free online event aims to review achievements, challenges, and potential solutions to combat the threat of sepsis worldwide. Session 1: Opening SessionSession 2: The Epidemiology and Burden of SepsisSession 3: Antimicrobial Resistance: An Emerging Global Health ThreatSession 4: Sepsis, Ebola, and… Continue reading World Sepsis Congress Spotlight

Intra Abdominal Pressure and Acute Kidney Injury

It's only recently that the issue of intra abdominal pressure has come to my attention and I never knew that it had an impact of the kidneys and AKI! First, there was this Twitter post about fluid overload and the impact on kidney perfusion. It certainly explains why in specific cases a single dose trial… Continue reading Intra Abdominal Pressure and Acute Kidney Injury

Live Webinars to 29th August 2020

Live Webinar: Intra- Abdominal Pressure Monitoring 27th Aug 2020 at 22:00 – 23:00 MUT Intra- Abdominal Pressure Monitoring: Why It's Now Easier Than Ever and Still Critically Important Key Learning Objectives Understand the importance of IAP monitoringHow Accuryn Monitoring gives real-time IAP at a push of a button Why accurate, real-time IAP monitoring is important… Continue reading Live Webinars to 29th August 2020

Covid-19 Digest 19 July

Covid-19 infections keep rising inexorably. So do Covid-10 publications. Impossible to keep up with the data overload but the following articles have caught my eye. If you have read some other noteworthy ones, do let me know. My selection includes a considered opinion on the management of acute respiratory distress syndrome ARDS, promising Phase 1… Continue reading Covid-19 Digest 19 July